Jonathan Chunglo is a world renowned and internationally published photographer and digital artist with over a decade of experience working with bands and beautiful faces from around the world.


His unique style has brought his work attention from across the globe. Chunglo’s work has been featured in many international best selling magazines, books, record albums, and appears in various galleries as well.


Starting his adventure into the world of digital art and photography at the young age of 14, Chunglo has progressed as an artist and has honed his skills and talents to create something unique and captivating.


"I believe that every photo tells a story, that a photo truly is worth a thousand words. I feel that when we look at a picture it is a chance for us to see something that we don't normally get to, whether it be an exotic location, a fantasy piece of art or the things that dreams and nightmares are made of. Every image I create is unique and speaks louder than words." - Jonathan Chunglo


What does the future hold in store for J.Chunglo Photography? Only time will tell, but Chunglo is sure to continue to wow the masses with his unique eye and vision of beauty. Be sure to be on the lookout as many new projects are in the works and he is always looking for new ways to expand and broaden his portfolio.

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